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Wedge Like A Boss

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Have you ever tried to wear heels to a backyard BBQ or down the river walk? It’s kind of hard to feel cute in your new sundress when you’re sinking into muddy ground. But we all want the appearance of slender legs and ankles, right? And we love the extra height. So what’s a girl to do? Add at least one wedge to your shoedrobe. Wedges are extremely versatile, taking you straight from the office to happy hour and through the night. It is a feminine-yet-confident style; the perfect juxtaposition of dainty and bold.


Select a wedge that complements your features. If you wear a larger size, try a wedge that has thicker straps for more foot coverage. Smaller ankles? Go for a daintier upper. The key is to match the amount of fabric in the upper to your foot size. Get this wrong and a bigger foot can look huge or a smaller foot can appear frail and unsteady on top of the sole.



Fuller skirts or flowy dresses are the perfect complement to the wedge. Jeans are also an appropriate option—but it’s important to take note of the style: skinnies are definitely the way to go. Shorts also look great with wedges, but stick to shorts that are mid-thigh or shorter to enhance your legs’ length.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Wedges make a bold statement, so if the heel is particularly chunky, tone it down with softer fabrics and silhouettes.





We all know the pain of high heels after a long day. Wearing heels shifts your weight to the balls of your feet, which creates excessive strain on your foot’s muscles and tendons. It also creates an imbalance because it forces your knees and hips forward, resulting in strain on your back due to arching. A wedge provides the general benefit that a heel offers: more height, toned looking legs, and the “legs for days” effect; but a wedge also provides better comfort and stability by protecting the balls of your feet and reducing incline.