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Why Skechers Performance?

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We all love Skechers, right? They’re super comfy and they look great. But what makes them different than any other trendy sneaker? We sat down with Skechers Performance Division expert Jim McGready to get the skinny on the technology that makes Skechers, Skechers.


Skechers has launched a Performance series that features a property exclusive to Skechers: resalyte [res∙a∙lite] . Resalyte is an injection-molded compound with memory retention. While many shoe manufacturers use EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) foam, Skechers Performance paved their own road with resalyte.

womens skechers go step vast gray

So what does this mean for your feet? Let’s face it: the more you wear a shoe, the more it breaks down. The resalyte technology in Skechers is unique, because the foot bed doesn’t break down over time. This is good news for those of us who want a sneaker that is both trendy and comfortable.


womens skechers go run ride 4 runner black/hot pink

And if that’s not enough… Skechers has also created a Goga Max insole, which places the resalyte technology into the foot bed of the shoe, instead of the outsole. The Goga Mat technology provides next gen support and high-rebound cushioning. It’s like a pillow for your feet in every step…and let’s be real, who wouldn’t want that?


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Skechers uses resalyte technology to create a line of products that combine innovation and style in a modern, athletic look. The Performance line features a ton of different styles to add to your closet, so you can be Goga comfortable while you’re on the go!


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