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Are you one of those guys with barely 3 pairs of shoes in your closet? After high school or college, it’s time to graduate to additional pairs of shoes to accent your daily look — plus, they do have a purpose! We’re not saying your closet needs to compete with your significant other’s, but we can guarantee you’ll be more comfortable doing whatever task at hand with the right equipment.


Athletic Sneakers:


Try out multiple brands. Seriously. And run around the store (Nike isn’t the only brand of athletic sneakers!). Many brands are known for helping support certain types of feet, like flat feet or high arches. Ask a knowledgeable store associate to evaluate what works for you on your next shopping trip.


mens new balance



Casual Sneakers:


A sneaker with a flatter sole that isn’t meant for athletic wear. Think skate shoes, classic Vans, Adidas Stan Smiths, etc. Have fun with it and let it reflect your personal style (this is how “sneakerheads” are born!).


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Work Boots:


Every guy needs a pair of basic work boots, even if you spend your 9 to 5 sitting in front of a computer screen. For weekend projects, and any time your feet need extra protection, work boots are ideal for many applications.


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Hiking Boots:


Like the outdoors? Even if hiking isn’t your thing, it still pays to have a pair of hiking boots or shoes. Great for walking through rough terrain, cycling, or for working outdoors, hiking shoes will take you further than the trail.


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Dress Shoes:


Every guy needs at least two pairs of dress shoes — black and brown. Match your shoes to your outfit — black and gray: wear black shoes. Khakis, light pants, and navy blue: wear brown shoes. Dress shoes come in so many styles and options. Whether you’re more into slip-on or lace-up oxfords, change up your look based on the color you’re wearing.


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