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Top 6 Styles That Can Get Wet

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Summer means “fun”, and let’s be honest, a lot of times, very wet fun. Get ready to hit the beach, get out on the lake and dip those toes in the water in our top six picks that go from wet to dry with ease!


Men's Keen Waterproof Newport H2

Keen is a top-performer in the all-terrain game and among the most respected names. This watersport “sandal” is basically a shoe on the bottom, giving you proper support and comfort on rocks, grass, mud, and sand – but you’re safe wading through the water as well. Plus, the upper is washable.

mens keen sandal


Women's Columbia Waterproof Crestwood

A right-priced hiker is always a good find. The added bonus of the Columbia Crestwood is a waterproof membrane. You can feel confident while crossing creeks and stepping in puddles that your socks will stay dry.


womens columbia hiker


All Crocs, particularly the Cayman

Crocs are a summertime masterpiece, serving equally well indoors and out. The bright colors and ultra-cushioned footbeds, Crocs are a fan favorite. Wear the heel strap around back for extra traction or flip on top for a fully opened back.

mens crocs cayman


womens crocs cayman


Girl's Northside Burke II & Boy's Rachel Lucas

Super-functional but also ADORABLE. Kids will love the freedom to be carefree and safe in these crossover sandal/shoes.

girls northside sandal


boys brown closed toe sandal


"Waterproof" and "water safe" are terms that refer to the shoe's ability to prevent moisture from penetrating the material; however, exposure to wet conditions can cause footwear to deteriorate.