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You want to buy of pair of hiking boots. Or, at least, hiking-inspired shoes. So how do you figure out how to spend the right amount? Spend too much, and you’ve just wasted some hard-earned money. Spend too little, and you can risk actual injury.


From leather to mesh, ankle stability to “barely-there”, there are hundreds of different styles and brands to choose among. Without knowing your options, the landscape can become confusing and expensive. So let’s find your minimum spend for the right pair by figuring out which type of customer you are:


Light-Duty Dude


Maybe you like the look and feel of a hiker. You’re not buying “hiking boots” as much as you’re buying a practical shoe that can handle the variety of things you get into. It makes good sense – you want something durable with a rugged look and a little weather-proofing. This will get you through some wet weather and survive your occasional trek through some uneven terrain. If this is you, you can DEFINITELY SAVE SOME MONEY by buying a cost-efficient brand, such as Nevados. Nevados check all the boxes for you – and they give height options; low-cut or traditional ankle-height.


Here are our top three favorites:



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Week-Ender Guy


As the Week-Ender guy, you love the outdoors but aren’t exactly climbing mountains every day. You have some camping gear and a respectable arsenal of rope and rations. But you’re more backpack than rucksack, right? So you want a legitimate hiking brand with actual functionality. You don’t need to summit Everest, but you those state park trails and private pathways aren’t going to hike themselves. For you, I recommend Columbia. Columbia is no joke – they have been a leader in outdoor apparel since pre-World War II. They are tough-tested, will wear well, and fit right into that mid-range budget.


Try these on:



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Hard-Core Hiker


Hiking is your thing. You are serious about it. These aren’t walks in the woods; they are treks in the wilderness. You measure the success of your hike by the miles and the muck. You’ve got legit equipment and wear only performance-rated gear. Your inbox is filled with messaging from REI and Patagonia. You don’t just want better-performing footwear – you need it. Which is why you’ll spend a little more for an elite brand. Salomon is truly a top-rated brand that meets your heavy standards, enabling you to play and progress with nature.


Top performers from Salomon:



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