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Nursing Shoes Versus Athletic Sneakers – The Shoes Nurses Are Choosing Today

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Support, stability, durability – these are all qualities nurses want in a good, on-the-job shoe. Traditional nursing shoes meet those standards, helping nurses to stay safe and comfortable on their feet as they work and making them a mainstay of the nurse’s uniform.


But as nurses’ jobs change and become more active and demanding, they are turning to shoes that can help them meet the daily challenges of their jobs. Athletic sneakers have become an increasingly popular choice among nurses everywhere. Walking, running, standing – sneakers were made for the activities nurses perform every day.


Not only were these shoes made for performance, but they were made for versatility. Designed to work with any outfit and with any activity, nurses are choosing sneakers for their practicality and ability to seamlessly transition them from their work life to their personal life.


Here are 3 of the most popular brands of sneakers chosen by nurses.


Nursing is a constant, on-the-go profession. And they need shoes that can go the distance. That’s why New Balance sneakers are a favorite among nurses. These shoes were built to perform. Durable material on the outside and soft cushioning on the inside make these shoes comfortable enough for all day wear and tough enough for every day wear and tear. Hit the ground running and keep going with New Balance.


For the “no muss, no fuss” nurses, Nike has become a fan-favorite. Simplistic and clean designs make these shoes versatile enough to wear with any outfit and for any activity. Lightweight cushioning in the shoe provides lasting comfort for all-day wear. Offering support and structure, Nike provides foot protection for a nurse’s daily activities.


Standing, walking, running – nurses do it all. And that’s why many are opting for the sporty style of Skechers sneakers. Air Cooled Memory Foam provides cushioned support for the nurses constantly on their feet. Mesh fabric and overlays keep the feet cool and comfy for nurses always on the move. Athletic, flexible, casual – nurses can move freely, constantly, and comfortably in Skechers shoes.