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I know, it seemed like winter was never going to end. But here we are just days away from the official start of spring – and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. 2019 is going to be our most fun canvas sneaker season ever. You absolutely HAVE TO own 2-3 pairs to accommodate all of your clothing styles. But don’t worry! These cute sneaks are totally affordable!


So here’s the question: How do you wear these adorable little shoes?


We start with the Dallas by Jellypop. I mean, you kinda have to, right? After all, the Dallas is the “it” shoe for this spring – available in a DOZEN different colors and patterns. We’ll then move on to the most iconic canvas style – the Keds Champion is STILL a fan favorite. And finally we’ll close with the most affordable shoe in the bunch. A classic style of its own, Ryley Girl has that Converse look without the Converse price tag.


Let’s take a quick look at our top 3 styles:


Look #1: Down To Earth


Show off your shoulders and ankles with a nautically-inspired tank and rolled boyfriend jeans, but paired with solid upper shoes – you don’t want your shoes and shirt to have competing patterns. Gray is a popular and safe style – but feel free to jazz it up with pink or red. Seriously, how simple is this look? The soft materials and extra flexible soles are an absolute fan favorite.


blonde woman in navy striped tank top and boyfriend blue jeans sitting on porch smiling with gray shoes


The Dallas sneaker blends comfort and fashion together for a fresh new look you can wear all year round. It’s versatile enough to pair with denim shorts, capris, or a cute sundress. Pair this chic sneaker with any outfit to keep you looking on trend and sporty for every season.




womens slip on jellypop dallas multi colored striped canvas womens slip on jellypop dallas navy canvas womens slip on jellypop dallas pink canvas womens slip on jellypop dallas lilac canvas
Jellypop Dallas Multi
Jellypop Dallas Navy
Jellypop Dallas Light Pink
Jellypop Dallas Lilac
womens slip on jellypop dallas floral canvas womens slip on jellypop dallas white canvas womens slip on jellypop dallas gray dot canvas womens slip on jellypop dallas red canvas
Jellypop Dallas Black Floral
Jellypop Dallas White
Jellypop Dallas Grey Dot
Jellypop Dallas Red


Look #2: Casual Yet Sophisticated


Some styles are too classic to ever go out of style. All-white canvas actually trends up easily when paired with the right clothes. Keep the athletic fabrics in the closet for this look – casual pants and a loose white-based casual shirt show them that you know how to put together a cool outfit. Black and white give an aura of formality when paired together, but the fit and fabrics here read as casual sophistication. The right sunglasses and bag help, too – stay with black for both. Doesn't Tania look both laid back and chic at the same time?



The Keds Champion and Grasshoppers (by Keds) Janey are the quintessential white canvas oxfords. In fact, Keds dates all the way back to 1916 – before women even had the right to vote. That makes them nearly a half century older then Nike! Who are we to question that kind of staying power?


Grasshoppers Janey II

Keds Champion

Look #3: Sporty


This is the early spring look that is IMPOSSIBLE to get wrong. You’ve got black leggings, right? Perfect – you’re almost done! Throw on a pair of Ryley Girls plus a tee shirt, sweatshirt, long-sleeve tee, or tank and you are fit for any occasion. Doesn’t Alexandra look adorable in this outfit? It’s so easy, plus the clothes are already in your closet. All you need is a $20 bill and you have your choice of Ryley Girls in one of four colors. Or – have fun with one pair in classic gray or black + one in pink or blue. Two pair for $40 is like winning the canvas lottery.



Why pay $30 - $50 for a circle with a star in it? These Ryley Girls are all-stars of their own, plus these are slip-ons with elastic lacing. Easier to put on, easier to take off, and a much cleaner look.


womens slip on ryley girl pink canvas womens slip on ryley girl blue canvas womens slip on ryley girl gray canvas womens slip on ryley girl white canvas
Ryley Girl Roslyn Pink
Ryley Girl Dahlia Navy
Ryley Girl Dahlia Grey
Ryley Girl Eyelet White