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Spotlight On Comfort: Sandals With Comfort Technology

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It’s full on sandal season which may have you excited OR stressed about what you're going to wear. Many styles out there make you choose between staying cool in something that is barely even there (aka: no support and potential blisters ahead) or keeping your feet supported but also more covered and too warm. A basic foam and plastic flip-flop is not your only option when it comes to carefree warm weather footwear. We’re shining a spotlight on two brands that have found a way to pack a lot of comfort into their super light (and super cute) sandals, that move with you, and beat the heat.



Comfort is at the core of every Baretraps shoe, and they continue to deliver support with their line of Rebound Technology™ sandals that puts your comfort first. Each Rebound style has a multilayered system designed to respond on impact. It puts a little bounce in your step, and provides extra stability and cushioned comfort in key pressure areas of the foot. They’ve also designed them with built in arch support to help improve posture and lessen foot pain. All these layers of comfort technology may make you think these have to be heavy sandals, but they’ve managed to keep them incredibly lightweight even after adding a slip resistant tread. Sounds pretty awesome right? Just when you thought it can’t get much better than that, it does! Baretraps went the extra mile and treated these sandals with an antimicrobial shield to keep odor and bacteria under control. Take that, hot and humid summer days!


spotlight on comfort group shot of womens baretraps sandals on white background



Clarks is a household name in comfort footwear so it’s no surprise that their Cloudsteppers line of sandals are a never want to take these off kind of comfortable. Clarks has included their widely applauded Cushion Soft technology into each sandal in the line. You may be thinking “Great! But what is that?” It’s a system of layers including: a concealed OrthoLite ® footbed, a 3mm high density foam layer, and a 3mm super soft and light EVA midsole that absorbs the impact of every step. All of that is placed with a lightweight stylish outsole. But now you’re probably wondering why is an OrthoLite ® footbed so special? It’s a tried and true long lasting foam material that provides cushioning and uses breathable moisture wicking materials to keep you cool and comfortable when temperatures start to rise. On top of all these layers of comfort are soft and stylish uppers that can dress an outfit up or down.


spotlight on comfort group shot of womens clarks cloudsteppers sandals on white background