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Back-to-School Guide: Planning for Parents

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Going back to school isn't just something kids have to adjust to. Moms and dads may also find themselves stressed about adhering to a new schedule, obtaining the requisite school supplies and new clothes, and easing children's worries about heading back to the classroom. But with some planning and a few tricks, parents can go back into the school year feeling as prepared as possible.


You can help ease stress and build excitement about going back to school by assigning some fun tasks and outings in the days leading up to the start of school. For instance, here are some ideas you could mark on the calendar for the week before school:


7 days before: Go shopping for fall clothes.


6 days before: Take a final summer trip to a fun place your family loves, like an amusement park.


back-to-school family at amusement park daughter on father's shoulders with hands in the air; mom looking up and smiling at daughter


5 days before: Shop for school supplies and set up a study area and storage space at home.


4 days before: Talk about school lunches with your kids and get a few ideas of what they'd like to have.


3 days before: Take a trial trip to school- by car, bike, or foot, depending on how your child will be traveling to school. Stop for an ice cream cone or go out to lunch after.


back-to-school african american girl smiling wearing a backpack with arms around her parent's shoulders


2 days before: Pack backpacks and decide where you'll keep them during the year. It may also be helpful to create a system or specific location for your child(ren) to put papers for you when they bring them home.


1 day before: Plan a final small summer outing, such as a picnic in the park or a trip to the pool. Before bedtime, make sure your child's back-to-school outfit is laid out and ready to go!


Lastly, give yourself some time to relax!


From our Super Shoes family to yours, sending well wishes for a successful school year!

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